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Proseminar - Introduction to Scheduling

General Information

You can get all information about the course in the summer term in the Moodle course:

Contact persons:

Anna Katharina Janiszczak

David Bachtenkirch



Scheduling in the context of manufacturing is the decision making process that decides the production sequence of jobs, assignment of jobs to machines and determines the planned completion times of jobs. Scheduling is an important process for manufacturers and also plays its part in service industries. Businesses are concerned to adhere to delivery dates, promised to customers. Additionally, an efficient scheduling of tasks helps to reduce ressource consumption.

The aim of this proseminar is to give an introduction to a subfield of the broad area of operations research which connects parts of the research fields of business economics, mathematics and computer science.

Students will write a brief seminar paper which explains mathematical problems and algorithms. The literature used in this course is mainly in english.

This proseminar is related to the contents of modules BWiWi 1.2, BWiWi 1.14, BWiWi 2.8, BWiWi 4.4 and the master program Operations Management.