Proseminar: Integrated Information systems

General Information

Computer-supported information systems, for example the SAP Enterprise Resource Planning System (SAP ECC) represent the level of development reached by business information systems. At the same time, these systems support a wide range of business functions. In the proseminar students will deal with topics in selected areas of application in the field of Business Administration and how they can be realized in computer-supported and integrated information systems. The choice of topics is function-specific as well as sector-specific.

In line with the proseminar is the foundation course; Introduction to the Didactics and Methods of Presentation. The main focus here will be; how to give a talk, how to use the library and technical databases when carrying out field-specific research.

The objective of this proseminar is to enable students carry out autonomous scientific work, learn how to present their findings before an audience as well as overcome possible inner barriers to public speaking.

If you have any questions concerning the lecture please turn to:

  • Lecturer: Volker Arendt


Summer term 2022:

Wednesday, 14:00 - 16:00, Room N.11.16

Seminar material

Examination Procedure

The Seminar contains the preparation of a course work and a presentation in form of a lecture. Attendance is mandatory. Two times of absence will lead to the exclusion from the seminar. Successful participation will be certificated.

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