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  • [MWiWi 1.6] Information management & IT project management - exam review
    The exam review for the module MWiWi 1.6 - Information Management &  IT project management... [more]
  • Offer of a practical thesis
    "The FilamentFactory" offers the possibility to write a Bachelor / Master thesis in the field of... [more]
  • MWiWi1.6 Informations Management & IT Project Management: First session
    The information management and IT project management courses will be carried out completely... [more]
  • Exam review - MWiWi 4.1 (Advanced OR methods in Operations Management)
    The exam review for the exam from 10.08.2020 will take place on November 2nd, 2020 from 10:00 a.m.... [more]
  • Seminars in the winter term 2020/2021
    In the current term, the Chair of Business Computing and Operations Research offers the seminars... [more]
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Module overview

The following courses will take place in the 2020/2021 winter term:

Bachelor modules

BWiWi 1.14 - Introduction to Business Computing

BWiWi 2.8 - Wissensbasierte Systeme und Informationstechnologien (Grundlagen der Wirtschaftsinformatik)

BWiWi 4.4 - Methods and Modells of Operations Research (Basics of Operations Research)

BWiWi 7.1 – Proseminar

BWiWi 8 - Bachelor's Seminar

Master modules

MWiWi 1.6 - Information management

MWiWi 4.1 - Advanced OR-methods in Operations Management

MWiWi 6.1 / MWiWi 6.3 / MWiWi 6.1.6 / MWiWi 6.4.1 / I - IV - Master's seminar

Diploma, exam and doctoral colloquium