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Seminar - Recent Advances in Business Computing and Operations Research

BWiWi 8.1 / BWiWi 8.4 / MWiWi 6.1.6 / MWiWi 6.4.1 / I-IV

General Information

In the context of the doctorate orders by the 9th of June 2008 and the 21st of February 2013 this event is according to § 7 (1) appreciated as a doctoral candidate colloquium!

  • The first meeting will be announced.
  • On this date, the seminar topic assignment takes place.
  • Furthermore any time after the first seminar appointment there is given the possibility of applying for a till then not allocated topic from the presentation personally in the office.
  • A sign-off of a topic adopted for the processing can be beginningly with the day of the first seminar appointment (seminar topic assignment) carried out merely within a three-week period in the office. Not sold seminar papers without sign-off in due time will be judged as a not passed seminar participation.
  • It is possibly to work on one of the suggested topics (see presentation) or to suggest an own topic with reference to the RAIBCOR seminar.
  • A previous enrolment for participation in the topic award is not required.
  • For participants with topics from the area of "Information Management", there is an own event page here.

When preparing and handing over your scientific work, please note the Communication 03/2016 of the Examination Office. The given criteria are to be applied equivalently to all seminar papers.