Seminar - Recent Advances in Business Computing and Operations Research

BWiWi 8.1 / BWiWi 8.4 / MWiWi 6.1.6 / MWiWi 6.4.1 / I-IV

General information

Every semester, the Chair of Business Computing and Operations Research offers the seminar "Recent Advances in Business Computing and Operations Research (RAIBCOR)".

The seminar includes topics that can be counted towards the bachelor's and master's degrees.
The event is also recognized as a doctoral colloquium according to §7 (1) within the framework of the doctoral regulations of June 9, 2008 and February 21, 2013.

The course can be credited as a module under the following designations:

  • BWiWi 8 Bachelor seminar
  • MWiWi 6.1.6 Master's Seminar Information Management and IT Project Management
  • MWiWi 6.4.1 Master's seminar Advanced OR methods in Operations Management
  • doctoral colloquium

Note: Two exams can be taken and credited in the master courses!

All further information on registration and the selectable topics can be found in the respective moodle course (RAIBCOR_SS24).

Content of the seminar:
In the seminar "Recent Advances in Business Computing and Operations Research", topics from both the fields of business computing and operations research are covered.
Requirements for successfully passing the module final examination:
1. preparation of a written seminar paper with a length of approx. 15 pages
2. presentation of the seminar paper or selected contents (in consultation with the supervisor) in a 30-minute lecture.
Note: The presentation may be omitted in degree programs with fewer creditable credits.

Introductory session:
Friday, 26.04.2024
Starting at 10.00 a.m.

Room M.12.25

Registration for the seminar will start from 26.04.2024 (registrations before this date cannot be considered) and will be done in two steps:
1. registration and reservation of the topic by e-mail to tmanske[at] When registering, please indicate your full name, your degree program, your matriculation number and your topic preference from the topic list. Please use your university email address ( for registration, registrations via other email addresses will not be accepted.
As soon as we have received your registration by email, the topic is reserved for you and the topic list will be updated with the remark (vorgemerkt).
2. formal registration: as soon as you have registered by email and selected a topic that is still available, you will be contacted by email. You then register for the seminar by filling in and returning a form.
There is no registration deadline.

Submission of seminar papers:
The latest submission date (regardless of the date of registration) is 30.09.2024. The paper must be submitted in writing (by dropping it in the chair's mailbox in room M.11.25) and digitally by e-mail to the assigned supervisor.

Presentation Date:
A presentation date is yet to be announced, but usually occurs during the second week of April.

RAIBCOR topics and schedule (presentation slides in German)

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