Business studies ranking of the journal “WirtschaftsWoche”: Prof. Dr. Bock successful

23.12.2020|13:32 Uhr

The recently published ranking of the journal “WirtschaftsWoche” lists scientists of business studies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Three of the famous professors mentioned in this article are working at “Schumpeter School of Business and Economics”. In the category “young and wild”, which considers the publications of the under 40 years old ones, Prof. Dr. Vera Winter is listed on place 111. Prof. Dr. Stefan Bock reaches place 135 and is one of the best 3,4% in the ranking of “life time” which evaluates the whole publication results of the 4051 recorded scientists. Prof. Dr. Dirk Briskorn achieves place 33 (in top 1%). Further he gets a top-ten-place in the ranking of the “best-researcher”. It is based on the scientific research performances of the last five years of 3346 researchers and Prof. Dr. Briskorn reaches place 6. Prof. Dr. Stefan Bock is ranked on place 129 (in top 3,9%) in this category.


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